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From what I recall in my Pre- days, before I switched to GMail(from Hotmail), there was a certain amount of screwing around I had to do in order to get my email to sync properly. There were several other things that I couldn't figure out for the longest time, and as a result, I found There was a lot of patching, a lot of themeing, overclocking to learn, learning how to doctor. There was about a solid month of pocket dials and on and on and on. Blown speakers galore, keys not working properly etc, etc.

I'm sure a lot of people have had similar experiences, and still others that have had a flawless Chuck Norris launch day Pre-. (All I'm getting at here, is every OS, no matter which one, has a learning curve...and to say webOS is easier to learn.....I can assure you my first few months were quite aggravating and I'm surprised I never threw my phone and wrecked it...but I also knew the cost of I held my temper )

I have also done the CM7/CM9/CM10 routine on my TouchPad, and that was my first real experience with Android, aside from once in awhile I would fix something for my gf's Incredible, but I didn't really play around with it too much. I found Android to be clunky for lack of a better word, on my TouchPad...and in all honesty wasn't very keen on using it there.

Having had my SGS3 since August, it took some time to learn, re-learn, re-program myself in using the OS, but I get along fine on it now. It doesn't have the same flow, but now that I'm more used to it, I can move around pretty quickly....and it's just like anything you try new that's "difficult"'s easier to learn how to do something if you [I]want to do opposed to being [I]forced to do it.

I like using this phone, a lot. A camera that opens up in two seconds and you can take a picture right now. A browser that I've yet to come across a page that hasn't been able to render...(chessboard anyone?). Instant (if you want), or soon as you hit WiFi, syncs all your photos. SwiftKey makes a virtual keyboard a breeze, especially on a phone.Instagram, WordsWithFriends, Push-to-Talk Apps cross-compatible Android/iOS. If I want to look at my pictures on my HDTV, I set up DNLA sharing with my PS3 and away I go. I don't really play games a lot on it, but I am considering buying a HDMI dongle so I can hook it up to my TV, and use one of my PS3 controllers. Netflix is there, meh. Almost forgot to mention the new Music Player Remix....another solid hit from Dan.

Now going back to CM10 on my TouchPad has been quite a bit easier having the SGS3 experience, and doesn't feel as clunky anymore. I used to be in the mindset of "I can get by with what I have" "I don't [I]need those apps" but it's certainly a lot more entertaining having the options.

As for "Play store is filled with junk and fart apps" "Play store is too big, I can't find anything I like", if you take 1% of the Play store, it equals about the entirety of the webOS App Catalog, and while there's a good percentage of good apps, there's also a good percentage of garbage as well.

So now you've met two

-- had a co-worker that never had an iTunes account with his iPhone 4s for the first two months, so that's not uncommon apparently.

Don't get me wrong, I really like webOS, but not only does it have a lot of ground to cover in the catch up game, but in it's current "adrift in an endless ocean", it really doesn't look to promising. Maybe there will be some breakthrough, game-changer and maybe there won't, but I'm not sitting on the sidelines looking in on the game anymore.

Bottom line, if it works for you, and you don't mind the workarounds, then enjoy it!

The apps on Android are what makes it worthwhile for me. The interface is too clunky. When I want to browse the internet, read the news (via USA Today or Zite), read a book or a magazine, or even play a game, I turn to webOS on the TouchPad because it is just easier to use and looks better. I was just reading a story about the song "Billie Jean" turning 30 years old on my TouchPad with my daughter. I switched to another story I was following in another browser window while she wasn't looking. She asked me what happened and I swiped back to the original story (I have Luna CE installed). She thought that was cool and started playing with the swipes.

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate Android or iOS. I just think webOS is designed better. I have a bunch of patches installed on webOS that took 1/16th of the time to install than CM7/9/10. Plus I didn't have to buy any of them like some of the things I had to buy to make Android behave better or get some of webOS' functionality (Rotation Lock, SwiftKey, etc).

That being said, I replaced my Pre with an EVO 3D, then a Motorola Photon. I bought my daughter an EVO 3D. I bought my mother-in-law a 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for Christmas. My wife has the last Pre in our house and I just ordered her a Samsung Galaxy S3 to replace it. It will get here tomorrow afternoon, formally ended the saga of webOS phones in my household. My wife says she will hate to see her Pre go but what are we going to do when HP doesn't have the stomach to support it's user base anymore? My family is drenched in Android and I paid for all of these devices along with a ton of apps so please don't label me an Android hater.

Even after all we have been through I still see a future for webOS because the interface is second to none. No one has copied it yet and lots of folks want it to be copied. It has a more natural feel than Android or iOS. BTW, I just watched a review comparing the Nexus 7 to the iPad Mini. The reviewer mentioned that most of the apps for Android still are not optimized for a tablet while the apps for the iPad are making for a better user experience. I mentioned that several times here about Android (CM7/9/10) vs webOS on the TouchPad.

Jump to 2:58

Developers don't seem to care about optimizing their apps for the bigger screened Android tablets, even after Google unified the tablet and phone OS. This is making it harder to take Android on the tablet seriously and leaving an opening for webOS if HP could get their heads out of their behinds and support it.

That's on the tablet side. On the phone side, people don't seem to be to wedded to one OS or device. My wife went from a Motorola RAZR to a Palm Pre to a Blackberry back to the Pre and now to the Galaxy S3 without batting an eyelash. My Son has had two different dumb phones, an Android phone, a Blackberry, two more Android phones and now he is using his mom's old Blackberry. Also without batting an eyelash. I had a dozen dumb phones, a Sidekick, a Windows Mobile Phone (with Android .06 installed also), the Pre, an EVO 3D, and a Motorola Photon. I really only miss the Pre because of webOS. My daughter is new to smartphones and has only had an iPhone, followed by two Android phones (EVO 3D is current). I have friends and other family members who have had similar experiences. None seemed to care about the last phone or the OS. I think we could have a dozen phone OSes and users won't care as long as their phone did what they needed it to do. The only folks who would cry foul are developers. HP could easily step back in if they made new webOS phones on sexier up to date hardware. Heck if they made a new sexy webOS phone in red, half of the females in my family (led by my wife) would buy one (or force me to buy one).

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