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Originally Posted by rnld View Post
WebOS had it's launch and now is so far behind, barring some miracle, it's done.
This is very true.
It shouldn't have happened.
It really shouldn't have.
But bad bad bad management and killer decisions did palm and hp in. And now they are lingering to no point. Looking for somewhere to put open webOS. Finding no takers. This is very sad. As much work as I and this entire community have put into webOS and making our devices special, it's just really sad to see everything gone to dust. There is no enthusiasm for a device or particular version of android because all android users have different devices. Many people with iphone know what they are doing but there are at least as many if not more that have NO CLUE what their phone has the potential to do other than taken pics, text, surf, and download apps. There are too few windows phone users and again diversity of devices to get a unified community. No guys, what we once had here in webOS land.... No matter the frustrations, hardware and software issues, endless defending of the platform and our flawed devices from trolls, home brewing and theming and over clocking, oh my. This was the place to come. Where everyone shared their problems, found their fix. Heck it was like the bar in "cheers" where everyone knew your (user) name.

It was awesome.

Now it's dead.

Shame on palm, HP, and everyone else who let it happen.

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