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We've had pretty much the same old Device Menu for over three years now. So, I set out to update it and make it the best quick settings menu on any mobile OS. It's still a work in progress, but the framework is there and things are shaping up very nicely.

What does it do?
This patch completely remodels the device menu to make it more efficient and useful. It gets rid of the 'tree' view and replaces it with a tabs interface. This is especially useful on phones like the Veer since they have very limited screen real estate.

This patch has been tested to work on a 2.2.4 AT&T Pre3 and 2.1.2 AT&T Veer. It should work on most (all?) webOS 2.x phones.

How do I use it?
Tap an icon to see the available settings for that group. This patch will remember your last open tab and automatically expand it when reopening the Device Menu.

Gestures! Are you familiar with ThumbNav or Advanced Browser Gestures? If so, you already know how these work. I'll explain it for the rest of you. If you drag your finger onto the screen from the side bezel, New Device Menu will open the tab to the left or right of your currently open tab.. Swiping in from the right will select the tab to the left, while swiping from the left will go to the right.

What options are included?
Wifi tab
- Your standard wifi controls. To turn off Wifi, just tap the Wifi status row.
- Cycle Wifi: If you tap and hold the Wifi status row, it will turn the radio off then on again. This is useful mostly on the Pre3 to fix it's sometimes-buggy wifi.
Bluetooth tab
- Noting special here, just the standard bluetooth options.
Location tab
- Turn GPS on/off
- Turn Google Location Service on/off
- Open Location Preferences app
Volume tab
- Adjust ringtone volume
- Adjust media volume
- Adjust system volume
Screen tab
- Adjust screen brightness
- Toggle Rotation Lock (You'll need xwTweak installed for this to work)
- Toggle flashlight on/off (yea, I need a better place for this)
Phone tab
- Toggle phone radio on/off
- Toggle data usage on/off
- Select data network (auto/2G/3G)
- Toggle 'Roam Only' mode
- Toggle Airplane Mode

Attachment 238375

The screenshots above include my Glass Effect Suite (Charcoal) theme. It is not included in this patch.

Where can I get it?
USA: NewDeviceMenu-beta3-usa.patch
ROW: NewDeviceMenu-beta3-row.patch

This is a beta only because this patch changes a LOT of things and I can't test it on every phone and webOS version. I've only been able to test it on a 2.2.4 AT&T Pre3 and a 2.1.2 AT&T Veer. If you encounter any issues, please let me know in this thread. Thanks!

Known Issues
- When switching to the Bluetooth tab, the date container gets hidden for a split second. This makes the rest of the content jump around. This is purely a cosmetic issue, but will be fixed as soon as I figure it out. I've noticed this only on my Pre3; the Veer seems fine.

Patch Conflicts
New Device Menu is compatible with all of sconix's Advanced Menu patches except Advanced Device Menu. This will also conflict with most Device Menu patches, so please remove them before installing.

v4 (beta 3)
- Added Data Network switcher
- Added gesture controls to swipe between tabs (See 'How do I use it?' above for more info)
- Moved the device menu to center of screen
- A bit of restyling here and there
- Major code cleanup
- Added separate ROW version
v3 (beta 2)
- Added Rotation Lock toggle
- Changed 'Flight Mode' to 'Airplane Mode'
v2 (beta 1)
- Fixed sliders
- Added ability to launch Location Preferences app
- Added System and Ringtone volume sliders
- Your last open tab is auto-expanded when you reopen the Device Menu
- New icons for the tabs
- Added ability to cycle wifi
- Cleaned up styling to maintain a consistent experience between tabs
- Cleaned up the code
v1 (alpha)
- Initial testing release
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