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Hi, nice to meet you. I truly enjoy using my Android devices (which both run Ice Cream Sandwich).

But back to the topic of this thread, I was just thinking about this question after hearing about the Ubuntu announcement. Personally, I think Open webOS has no chance. It has essentially the same user experience from 3 years ago. I don't see any forward momentum being made in regards to improving the webOS experience. Plus Open webOS has minimal developer support, no published business roadmap, and way too much competition out there in the mobile space.

Frankly I don't see any new mobile platform really making it unless they come out with something really spectacular. Ubuntu and Sailfish had some interesting UI concepts, but both platforms (from the videos I've seen) are not truly awesome and have flaws. Nothing short of truly awesome is going to have any chance of luring developers away from the big 2 (iOS and Android). Windows Phone has the best chance of succeeding from all the other competitors, but I would wager it won't gain the market share of the other 2. Most people I know have no interest in it, if they even know about it.
Alright! I have met one. We should do lunch :-)

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