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Originally Posted by dlstarr7 View Post
Hey WebOS peoples

I have a Veer, and want to get it to 2.2.4, but I am unable to find the files needed. Specifically bd2g1xp1wbex1wcaisb8.rar Does someone have these files? Or, even better, would someone update my Veer for me for a fee?

Thanks for the help!!
Originally Posted by rwmanos View Post
can you send me a pm too ?
Originally Posted by amjz View Post
is the 2.2.4 for veer is stable?
plz send me a pm too :-)
Originally Posted by kingstu View Post
can you send me a pm also
Originally Posted by siggi_digital View Post
Me Too pls

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Originally Posted by demichie View Post
Hi and happy new year to everyone,
can I have a PM with the links too?

Thank you
Originally Posted by Paralel View Post
If you could PM me as well, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
Lotsa requests to Herrie...

Only amjz sent a thanks...

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