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I currently have CM10 installed on my TouchPad. Before that it was CM7 and CM9. I also have an Android phone. I would much rather use webOS and do so for 90% of my computing. I haven't met anyone yet who truly likes Android after using it for a while. Even my grown son and teenage daughter are tired of it, as am I. We use it because it is installed on all of the new phones we (I) buy. I have met some pretty satisfied iPhone users. However, most of them don't even know how to use their phone, let alone know what OS it runs. I've had to show people simple things like connecting their phone to WiFi or setting up email. My mother-in-law has had an iPhone 4 since it came out and never even registered for an iTunes/App Store account. I didn't even know that was possible. Is there room for another OS? Yes, there is even room to revise webOS (people like a good comeback story). At this point in time most people don't care what OS their phone runs as long as it looks good (hardware wise), works well, and has the apps and features they need.

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