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I haven't been on for a while so didn't notice this thread till now.

How should I put this? I'm already working on the hardware side of this as I've just bought an Acer Revo RL70 nettop computer (it was cheap and I needed something to replace my old laptop}. By using a standard PC setup, there's no worries about upgrades and the unit can be priced competitively.

Software, I've thought about:

Back end - would likely be a forked version of Ubuntu with webOS GUI. There's already a media player called XBMC which has been set up to run in Ubuntu, and this could take over most streaming etc because it already has the codecs for everything including Blu ray 3D.

Front end - Wooden Rows is perfect as a media library as it'd be able to extend past the media players library to include streaming media services etc. Just browse type, select what you want, and the appropriate handler loads up to do what you want. Add to this the ability to browse the net etc, plus maybe bringing in a Glimpse style multi window affair and it becomes more interesting.

It's important to look at I/O because the remote would have to work with it. The temptation is to use a phone or tablet to control it but then you kinda make the browser etc unnecessary on the TV.

That's about as far as I've got, will be looking to partition the drive and get Ubuntu etc running soon (will take a while because I'm not really a software guy). What do you think?
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