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What happen it to HP.......
still got two kinds of touchpadgo 7'' opal android version in the weekend
Both sounds like
1.CPU APQ8060 1.5Ghz
2.eMMC 16G SanDisk
3.LPDDR2 1GB Samsung
4.TI A6 v3.7
but some difference for those opal device.For first opal device
1. Msm8660-opal
2.andriod 2.2.1
3. With wcdma sim card set and Ericssion 3G module
4.can not move software to sd card like touchpad 32G 3G android.
5. The most stranger thing is the color of showing for everything seems not real color. Just like rainbow color maybe the driver problem...
For second opal device
1.msm8660-topaz (Is it touchpad version ?) 2.3.3
3.Cover sim card position and use GPS module(not gprs....).
4. Can transfer software to SD card
5. Perfect color showing.
6.Built some software GPS status/GPS test/GPSNmeatool v0.05 and normal softwares

will be attaching some pictures later......
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