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When they said LG/gram were working on a Smart TV, I thought cool - I like LG and I love webOS...

But reality is a set top box is a better way to go. It cost much less to enter into than buying a whole new TV.

I still think my vision of what the TV should do is not altered by transferring the effort to a set top box... (See: LG smartTV with webOS Open)

The push is to make each device do more, behave more like other devices around it.

Why shouldn't a web browser be built in? Why not use synergy to sync contacts, emails, etc.? Heck, who's to say you don't need a calculator on your TV?

Why not get Open Source fully integrated on it just like a desktop or tablet?

LunaCE cards and gestures make a natural UI for mixing Apps and Channels. It's like Picture in Picture, but not limited to channels only.

The big draw with Roku set top is the ability to add internet fueled channels ported over by developers.

Roku style channels + webOS Desktop fully functional... Why skimp on either side?
Very interesting ideas. I think a set top does make more sense. For the competition of this theoretical device, look past Roku (which I've read about but not used) and apple tv. Look at what xbox is doing (playstation 3 and nintendo wii U may have similar capabilities but i have no experience with the latter). I got the xbox 360 5 years ago and it's still being upgraded software wise- just downloaded an update yesterday!. There is now a Int explorer browser, and has apps for netflix, hbo, espn, etc. Of course, there are games both downloadable and dvd based and plays old school dvds Add the kinect and then you have a very gesture based interface which works with some issues with lighting, size of the room. So any webos based set top box has some deep pocket competition. I think apple is going to move a big move soon and has the clout to get content providers to sign on (thereby removing middlemen like cable, satellite companies)
While I was excited by LG news initially, I think these hardware manufacturers have some very different and conflicting goals. They (LG, sony, panasonic, samsung) don't want to be commodity producers because there are cheaper chinese brands nipping at their heels and want to move to higher profit margin areas. So they add on features to make a smart tv. But they really don't want a fully open solution that consumers want because they want to keep you on their brand. They also don't have the skills or influence to write and leverage a proprietary product so they are looking to google. If webos/gram offers a competitive product with no strings attached then it has a chance. (I think the google partners are a bit wary of google while also entirely dependent on its software- the hardware partners take all the risk and google wins regardless! nice position )
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