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And if anyone made it through the dull intro, now that i think about it, the names "webOS Media Center" and "Luna TV", actually sound nice.

I should also bring back a great idea suggested by another member:

Originally Posted by boovish View Post
I was looking around when I remembered about Tactus Technology (:: Tactus Technology ::) And I thought This would be perfect for a webOS phone.
A Chinese clone of the Samsung Galaxy paired with those pop-up buttons and a Touchstone would make for an interesting remote, where the wife and kids can keep watching the movie and you can channel-surf on the remote itself, while the same movie also streams to a webOS tablet two rooms away...

The ability to use an app on a phone to adjust the DVR schedule from 50 miles away would also add to the ease of use.

FYI, i don't watch TV, i don't own a TV, so this is just a brainstorming session for me and a logical continuation of the LG rumor thread, but i do hope this will grow into something more interesting...
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