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Now that we all know that nothing will come of the LG webOS TV story, we can sit back and design the perfect webOS-powered TV companion box... unconstrained by industry dynamics and Google's tastes...

This is just good fun, to make the best of any disappointment that may still linger...

I welcome any ideas, no matter how raw they are at this point, since they can all be distilled down to something that actually works, and then folded into openwebOS to make it more capable, scalable and competitive.

I don't want to get anyone's hopes up that this is something that i'll be actually building. Not at this point, but on the software side, there are many things that have to be taken care of to make it possible, and if we plan now and in the future will up-stream the "foundational" components of these features to openwebOS, the theoretical "Luna TV" fork of Luna won't have to have too many proprietary pieces, making it easier to merge changes such as WebKit updates.

So this is about making provisions for "clip-in" features that are TV-specific and aren't needed on a phone, but keeping the codebase as similar as possible. Of course, code is not something the consumer should have to worry about, but while everything is still "raw", it's easier to make room for features without compromising the "elegance" of the system, by planning ahead

If you'd like to discuss hardware, feel free. Software? Services? You bet ..It's all part of the whole experience.

And before anyone (out of disappointment) writes off the set-top box idea as a Quixotic dream, please look at the angle of this discussion. We need someone to dream of features before the technical side is mapped out, and then, later on use this discussion as a design manual....

And here's why... From what i gather without having looked at the code, some components of Luna are too tightly intertwined, or not "compartmentalized" enough. This obviously includes the aging proprietary WebKit fork, the keyboard modules, and the two "instances" of Luna that each serve a unique purpose but have the same code, complicating maintenance.

So while Luna is being modernized, it makes sense to see what else will be needed in the future, so that we can plan for different screen form-factors and UI paradigms while keeping the inner workings unified. And even though i'm not working on openwebOS myself, it is time to have this discussion..

Just don't forget to have fun

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