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I've been thinking that Jon Rubinstein, briiliant as he may be, really screwed Palms chances of making Webos work by releasing the original Pre as an 'acceptable' first offering.

I just obtained a Pre 3 and think that if this was the first generation piece of hardware, maybe it would have sold better. At least the Pre 2....

Palm should have continued to be the leader in mobile technology, with the head start they had in the field. LOTS of mismanagement seems to have occurred, even before HP..

The Pre- build quality was a disaster, mainly due to the battery (slider crashes). Total PR fail.

The Pre+, which i have, had the same backs (not the back covers but the internal back) shipped with little plastic stickers/bumpers that on mine, had slipped out and stuck to the back cover, and that lead to the same slider crash. I only realized it when i was cleaning the inside of my phone and found traces of glue in all the right places. The camera sensor sucks (visible defects.. i can upload a couple of photos to back up my point).

When i first looked at the Pre in person, my first reaction was "Ew, cheap!" after owning a high end flip phone with its flawless stainless steel case, but webOS won me over, so i went home quite happy only to think the same thing when i tried to take a picture in a dimly lit room.

That said, my Pre+ has held up well and still looks brand new after two and half years, but the bad first impression could have been avoided, and Palm totally blew their chance.

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