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Originally Posted by jbates View Post
So Ares 2 is only locally hosted? I so haven't kept up but I had problems using Ares 1 on my ancient laptop and now that I have new hardware that might be able to actually run it, maybe I will try again.
Yes. But Ares2 is completely JS and no Java stuff like in Ares1. Even if you host it locally and work at the same computer, it should run much more fluently..

Originally Posted by GMMan View Post
True. If you'd like, you could set up a dedicated web server and run it from that.
no need (and no chance without mayor rework of ares) for a web server... it's running in its own node.js webserver process and serving pages from that. Can't run that with an apache (I tried ).

Still for me it's crashing all the time. :-(
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