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OK... clearing out my browser cache, history, cookies lets me back in at question one and also logs me out of webOS Nation.

But at least I'm not shut out.

Still I think it might be advantageous to be able to view the questions first so as to allow some thought to be put into the answers...

1) Who is the BIGGEST webOS Diehard?
Why you think they're the most diehard?

2) Who has the Craziest Avatar?
Why is their Avatar Crazy?

3) Who is your Favorite Moderator?
Why are they your Favorite?

4) Who is the Funniest Member?
Any specific stories or examples to share?

5) Who is the Most Active Member?
Why are they the most active?

6) Who is the Most Knowledgeable Member?
Why are they the most knowledgeable?

7) Who is the Best New Member for 2012?
Why are they the best new member?

8) Who is the Most Helpful Member?
How has this member helped you?
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