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It's time to announce the winners!
A big THANK YOU to all that cast their votes, we really appreciate it!

Remember, next year these awards are going to be bigger and better, and we're ALWAYS open to your thoughts and comments.
Please reach out to me if you have any suggestions.

2012 Mobile Nations Community Awards - webOS Nation Edition AWARD WINNERS:

Biggest Diehard:
...For making so many cool things and posting so much!

Craziest Avatar:
...For shambling webOS zombie goodness.

Favorite Moderator:
...Omnipresent, great sense of humor, fair, helpful, great knowledge base.

Funniest Member:
...I don't think the guy is sane Specific example... anything he's ever posted!

Most Active:
...Always on, many projects going, tireless researcher.

Most Knowledgable:
...Well, 'cause he's Rod! In Rod We Trust!

Best New Member 2012:
Remy X
...super involved right out of the gate

Most Helpful:
...This member helps a lot of people. He has a deep knowledge of different versions and esoteric solutions. Always offers private help as well via PM. A class act and pitches right in with viable solutions.

We will be in touch with the winners in the near future to let them know what they've won

Congratulations to all of the winners!


Alright folks, it's time to draw the curtain and turn up the lights… today we start voting on the 2012 Mobile Nations Community Awards - webOS Nation Edition! *thunderous applause*. We want to give a much needed THANKS to the very best community members out there. It's long overdue!

We've put some fun categories together, and we hope you'll take a few moments out of your day to cast your votes and recognize some stand-out members of our community. Voting is on NOW until Noon CST on December 21st, so get your votes in now to show appreciation for some amazing community members. They deserve it.

Once the voting period is over, we will assign some awesome prizes to the equally awesome members. While we can't award prizes to everyone (we'd sure love to), we'd still like to think that anyone nominated is a winner


Contest Rules & Fine Print:
- Members may vote ONCE in each award category.
- Contest is open worldwide.
- Voting ends at 12 Noon CST on December 21st.
- Award winners and prizes will be announced on all Mobile Nations sites soon thereafter.
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