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Originally Posted by Charence View Post
You are indeed right! So odd!
I didn't think this would affect old posts too!
It feels as though someone has purposely gone back and removed all content that was submitted from webOS...

In my Mobile Uploads, the summary says there are 141 images, but when you open it only 28 images (all not uploaded from webOS) appear.

So strange...

Report the bug

If I remember correctly, everything was submitted through a Facebook app called "Facebook for HP webOS"?
That seems to have disappeared now. Maybe deleting that app also deleted any content submitted through it?
Did you report this to Facebook?

My collegue (who has an iPhone) said that Facebook had changed an API. Somehow he could see that. Don't ask me how. He is a developer (not for Facebook).
Maybe this change also involved removing support for WebOS. I hope not, but I think it's possible.

Maybe this topic should be moved by an admin since it's not related to Pre and Pre+ only.

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