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<Note: reprinted from a post I made in the Open Mobile Update!!! thread>

I have the Roku XS set top box. It's not so much "smart TV" as it is "streaming TV." You can subscribe to Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Video, etc. It is built mostly for static viewing of channels and there is no real, internet interfacing. It does have some games (mostly all are purchase options). The remote has an accelerometer built in. I have played Angry Birds on it. Crude, but acceptable. The Roku remote needs some refinement to help catapult it into the realm of "smart." Here is what the Roku XS remote looks like:

Vizio has a new set top box named Co Star with web browsing and select Google Play Apps. This is what their remote looks like:

If LG/gram can bring OpenwebOS to a TV that delivers synergy, web access, cards with gestures... AND ACL that would be something. They need a full QWERTY and accelerometer enabled remote. Gestures with a remote "pointer" are acceptable. I do it now on my Win 8 laptop without touch. People ***** about touch gestures via mouse, but I have taken to it. It isn't bad at all. Just takes a small bit of patience to learn. I feel it has increased my multitasking ability and speed... (...whatever, end rant, different debate, etc...)

If the LG/gram TV experience delivers eMail, Calendar, Contacts all backed up and deployable under your Profile to sync to/from mobile devices... If it delivers full web browsing... If it delivers Roku style programmable channels with options for Developers to create and add channels to the main store or through "private" password enabled install (like Roku does)... If they throw in a huge App store courtesy of ACL upon launch...

Now imagine that gram has seen what LunaCE did for Cards and they replicate that. Throw in Skype Video calling, Pandora or Tune in Times...

All in cards. Make a killer remote.

Now on TV:

Card open to Amazon, Card open to eBay - stacked.

Card open to monitor eMail account, Card Open to Calendar (the alarm has gone off, it is Grandma's birthday) - stacked

Card open to webOS Nation where you are signed in.

Card open to the Football game.

Make those mini-cards on the margin. In the main Card, the kids are Skype calling Grandma to sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

When the Skype call ends you grab the Football game and throw that card into focus. During the commercial you can shop Amazon or look at some webOS Nation posts and decide that you need to call out RumoredNow for being stupid... Or open up the Pizza Place website and order dinner. Maybe you want to call them. No worries, their # is stored in your contacts. Do a Just Type search to call it up from Contacts and send the # to your cell phone where it auto-dials.

After the game, relax and play some video games you installed from Google Play earlier that day.

Maybe I'm dreaming. Maybe LG/gram won't make it that slick.

Sure would be nice.

I'd buy one...
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