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all of a sudden, I have this same problem. I went on vacation, and when I logged into.a new router, everything was good. The next morning I couldn't see my mail or calendar. Then, when trying to use the browser I got an error message that I had no connectivity - as my browser page was loading! Although "type anywhere" did not bring up search engines, and all of my bookmarks were gone.

After rebooting all was back to normal. The next morning, I needed to reboot again.

Subsequent visits to coffee shops caused the exact same process. Even when logged in and everything is working, I have the same issue when changing locations.

I also have to reboot daily when on my home network, regardless of whether I have been on other networks or not. Basically, I see no changes to my calendar or mail (if already launched from a previous day) until I reboot. If I launch mail, calendar, or the browser fresh, then I have an empty calendar, no mail, and no bookmarks, yet I do have connectivity 9even though I get the warning message)

just for the record I have:
1) 2 x pop 3 mail accounts
2) 1 x google mail account
3) 1 exchange mail and calendar account
4) a google calendar which I don't use, so can't tell if its missing anything

This is really becoming a pain, I am wondering if there is anything going on with my profile? Soon after the touchpad went wacky my pre2 decided arbitrarily to erase itself. I had to reset it, and I changed my password on both my pre and my touchpad' but of course this didn't happen until the touchpad problem started.

incidentally - have these exact accounts on my pre with no issues.
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