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Carrying on my point from this thread:

Who do you think would be a realistic choice for the webOS community to lobby about building dedicated hardware for Open Source webOS? We want new hardware, right? Isn't that better than waiting for ports and putting webOS on a device not meant for it - one without a gesture area - hardware that is already out there and aging, hardware you might not own and would have to purchase then modify???

Even one dedicated phone, factory unlocked for GSM would get webOS back out there in the mainstream eye. One WiFi tablet more to carry on the fight.

Apple is out for obvious reasons. Please, let's not even bring them up in this thread - ain't no way, no how they would bite their own tail. I would argue Motorola is out - as they are now owned by Google and that's putting them too close to Android. Also Samsung. They are number one, and have been for some time, when it comes to sales of Android phones. Why would they push a webOS device forward?

Who does that leave?

Of those, who might realistically want to take a chance? They would have to want to take on the job of building a device which works for Open Source webOS and not violate any of the old Palm/HP patents... Or better yet have the $$$$$ to buy some of those patents up. I don't think any of the Asian clone makers would be a good choice as they might just violate the last point about patents and their strength lies with using what has already gone before.

So who do you think might be swayed by a grassroots lobbying effort and actually take on the job of producing webOS dedicated hardware? Why them? What are their strengths and weaknesses in relation to such a project.

If we come up with enough names here, I'd like to winnow it down to a short list (maybe 2 or 3 candidates) and see what we can do about getting a groundswell of support into a lobbying effort. Who knows, maybe we can make this happen.
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