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Well, I think there were legitimate intentions to do some major upgrades to webOS across the board. We know from posts made on the public developer forums, that there have been people working on a major webKit upgrade for webOS 3 since at least October or November, I think was the first mention that I saw of it. I believe that there were intentions from the webOS team to eventually do a major upgrade for not just TouchPads, but I think also the rest of the devices -- we know from some of the things we've seen in 3.0, such as the hidden phone-style virtual keyboard, that despite some statements that "2.x is for phones, 3.x is for tablets", that there was at least some work done in getting 3.0 to work on handhelds.

I've said in other spots, that I believe that Open webOS will be a lot more like what the HP Palm people had originally wanted to do for 3.0, but 3.0 ended up being so rushed that it is more of a 2.x with some extra stuff thrown in. And I certainly hope that it can be made to run on all our phones

Enyo itself is quite surprisingly fast for all that it does - webOS as a whole, once you realize just how much of it is actually in Javascript - something that only really dawned on me very recently - is surprisingly fast. But the older javascript engine in 2.x, as well as the CSS engine and the hardware acceleration support, just does not add up to scrolling speed that comes anywhere near the TouchPad. Even the Pre3, which kind of kicks the crap out of the TouchPad in the CPU department, at stock settings, chokes along with scrolling on Enyo apps.

Sorry to ramble on - long story short TLDR version: If it's anything other than scrolling speed, I'd like to hear more about what's going slowly, so I can research.
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