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I was about to be the first one to post here the other day, but apparently I tried to post at exactly the same time the thread was moved, so I guess my post is forever lost in the ether. Here's what I was going to say...

I appreciate the efforts of those involved in ventures like this, but... no, I am not going to support this.

I'm on this forum -- webOS Nation -- because I want to see the OS survive, NOT because I want to see alternatives to it. Again, I fully understand the idea that people want to get the most out of their hardware and are fearful that webOS wont survive (thanks, Leo ).

webOS WONT survive unless WE actively support and promote it. No white knight is going to sweep it to safety. It will only survive if people use it. Under that scenario, seeking alternatives wont help. We need to run webOS everywhere we can... on our phones and on our tablets. We need to encourage others to buy up the inventory still available on Amazon and eBay. We need to support and encourage app developers and homebrewers. We need to stick it out until the release of Open webOS [[[ ] -- and THEN get THAT on as many devices as possible and PUBLICLY promote it as much as possible.

It is for this same reason that I am very wary of the work being done to get Android apps to run natively on webOS. I admit to being excited by that possibility, but I am also fearful of it. I'm old enough to remember that a similar situation led to the effective death of another superior OS... IBM's OS/2. OS/2's ability to run Windows programs natively killed any incentive to develop OS/2 programs (look up the history of WordPerfect for OS/2). I don't want to see that happen to webOS.

So again, thanks...but no thanks.

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