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I can't seem to get the service SysTools Manager to install on my Verizon Pre3 (2.2.4) with WOSQI 4.4.0 or Preware. Without it, none of your awesome Canuck patches will install. This despite doing Emergency Patch Removal, Full Erase and Doctoring.

I sure would appreciate any help!


I finally figured out how to make it work.

1st: go to and download it to computer to install with WOSQI ... LATER.

2nd, if you are getting the dependency error like I was, then you may also need the Homebrew JS Service Framework FIRST,
like I did. Get it here: and install it with WOSQI 4.4.0 or higher.

3rd, install SysToolsMgr Service with WOSQI 4.4.0 or higher, from where you downloaded it to in step 1.

Reboot phone, just to be safe!

Then install patches like a mad dog!

(now my Jason Robitaille and Advanced sconix patches install and work).
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