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Originally Posted by Dee McKillop View Post
as with suprolla (thanks), my partner's TP is a standard build, no patches etc.
The kindle app seems to have issues for some folks, I don't use it so I cannot help with that.

Information that was still left out to help troubleshoot. What OS version are you running? I ask mainly because lots of people have been needlessly avoiding updates.

If you are on 3.0.5, and the issue is adding events to the calendar... the big question left out there is.... what is the calendar syncing with, how many synergy accounts are being used, please include all... gmail, palm profile, facebook, exchange, etc. Also please include what account the default events are being saved to. Also include any "server side" calendars being used, for example in google calendars you can enable various automatic calendars (weather, holidays, sports schedules, religious events, etc).

For example: I have 2 gmail accounts, facebook, and a palm profile. Default events save to my main gmail, that account also syncs US Holidays, and weather forecast.

I have no problem adding events from phone or TP and they sync correctly. I added an event with phone at around 12:30 yesterday and the reminder went off 5 minutes to 5:00 last night right after the phone went off.
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