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Originally Posted by HaPe View Post
Hi Boxalicious developers,

if you do not fix your app for the Pre3 we do it ourself ;-)
The attached ZIP contains two patch files. One for the free version and one for the paid version. The problem is that the WebView container will not load the login page if it is triggered from ARES, even if the code passes the right URL. I replaced it with a mojo object and it loads again.

I was to lazy to re implement the "please wait" message. As a result you will get a blank page for 20-30 seconds until the login page is loaded. Should not be a problem as you do it only one time to allow the app the access to

Thank you very much, works for the free version, but not for the extra one, tested everything, internalz, webosquickinstall, deinstall, patch ... Strange.

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