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Just thought I'd post my experience for the record.
I've successfully manged to mount my SD Card reader and USB pen dive with the following configs.

1. USB Hub with Y Cable and power monkey.
Data (Female) - Y cable into USB Hub.
Data (Male) = Y Cable into OTG Adapter into touchpad
Power (Male) - connect to Power Monkey
WEBOS - Mounts SD reader and PenDrive using mount command. Still to try Wheel_nuts scripts (Wife has been Ill and I've been baby sitting)
CM7 - Auto Mounts Pendrive and SD Reader.

2. Y Cable and Power Monkey.
Data (Felmale) - Y Cable into Device (Pendrive)
Data (Male) - Y Cable into OTG Adapter into touchpad
Power (Male) - connect to Power Monkey
Mouning works as per 1, but could not get the SD reader to be recognised.

This is a few notes as per my experience, I don't want to start a debate between Android and WebOS, I use both equal amounts, this is just my experience.
- For WebOS it would be good to get Auto mount. Can this be patched or an app built.
- What are the consequences of not Unmounting? Are they permanent are cleared after a reboot.
- I have be experimenting with files from my Digital SLR so quite large 8-10mb. Android seems to handle these much better, no leg etc.
- Android also seems to give better flexibility when viewing, deeper zoom and clearer image.

My main aim to view and copy images from the SLR to the TP. I'm going to order one the solar hubs as it's then a few less things to cary in the bag.

So in summary I have a solution that works for me, still some more experimenting to do, but all good fun.
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