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I am starting this thread because we seem to have found an ideal solution to the 25 page discussion thread running here:
Functional USB Host on Touchpad

The solution was first suggested by AstroTep in post #456 in that thread and references a previous post which I have not managed to find.

The solution requires:

1) A DTech Solar powered USB Hub eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace

2) A MicroUSB OTG Cable eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace

a) Simply plug the Thumb Drive into one of the four ports on the Hub

b) Plug the Hub into the OTG Cable using the MiniUSB Cable provided

c) Switch on the Hub

d) Plug the OTG Cable into the TouchPad MicroUSB Port

e) Now the “Soft” part:

EDIT: I want to point you all to the OTG FlashMount App created bt thg and now available on Preware.

This App automatically recognises an OTG Cable and automatically mounts any USB devices connected by either a Powered Hub or Powered Y Cable.

Needless to say, this is far cleverer and easier to use than my otg Script attached below. Please have a look at thg's app on Preware and forum thread at

Note: The procedures below are still valid but not as simple a solution as OTG FlashMount


...... i. Using Internalz Pro, create a new directory in /media/internal called usb. Set Internalz Pro Preferences to show Hidden Files.

...... ii. From Preware, install Xecutah. This will automatically install Xserver and Xterm

...... iii. webOS does not automatically mount drives when seen on an otg cable. So:

...... iv. Open Xecutah/ Xterm and type: mount /dev/sda1 /media/internal/usb
...... Then type: ls /media/internal/usb to make sure it shows the files on the drive.

...... v. Then fire up internalz pro and go to settings and click on show hidden files and apply that.

...... vi. You should now be able to see the Thumb Drive Files under the /media/internal/usb Directory

CAVEAT! Be sure to use Xecutah/XServer/XTerm to "umount /dev/sda1" when you are done with a drive. (umount is the unmount command)


NOTE: I have replaced the mountusb and dismountusb scripts with a single Script called otg incorporating the following additional functions:

* Automatically detect up to four attached OTG Devices on the Solar Hub
* Automatically Mount all detected OTG devices
* Automatically create Folders in /media/internal/ to load each detected OTG device into
* The option of loading either FAT or NTFS Drives
* Unmount ALL previously attached OTG Drives and remove the Folders created in /media/internal/

Download the otg.txt file, DO NOT try to edit it using a Windows Text Editor.

RENAME otg DROPPING THE .txt Extension and place it in your /usr/bin/ directory.

Make sure that you have Internalz Pro (with Preferences set to show Hidden Files), Xecutah, Xserver and Xterm installed from Preware; also, ENSURE THAT YOUR INTERNALZ PRO TEXT EDITOR PREFERENCES HAVE NEWLINE FORMAT SET TO LINUX.

Open an Xterm window;

chmod a+x /usr/bin/otg

otg will now be executable from Xecutah/Xterm.

To get usage syntax help, type:

otg --help

- or -

otg h

The Help Text is below:
This is a program to mount USB OTG Drives on the HP TouchPad
otg with no argument defaults to mount FAT Drives


-h or --help Display this help message and exit.
-u Unmount all already mounted Drives
-n Mount NTFS Devices using a program called ntfs-3g
You can download it at:
[HOW TO] USB OTG - Read and write on NTFS
See attachment to message #1

e.g. If no arguments are specified, Program defaults to FAT File System and seeks and loads:
Device sda1 and Destination Directory /media/internal/otga
Device sdb1 and Destination Directory /media/internal/otgb
Device sdc1 and Destination Directory /media/internal/otgc
Device sdd1 and Destination Directory /media/internal/otgd
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