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Originally Posted by laingman View Post
Not following the instructions too well:

How to send the script to the pre and how to execute the script

Also, how is it launched when i get it working?
You can send it to "/" via the Quick webOS Install, for example. Then, open the Linux CommandLine and directly type "" and return ... That should do it for example.

It should be as if you were going to get the wave launcher out. A slow swipe from the gesture area till half of the screen. Don't do it fast: slow and steady .

Originally Posted by fr0gvn View Post
Did you run on Linux? I can't patch it. I use HP pre 3
As the patch says in your screenshot, the version was not identified. As I have no Pre3 on hand, I didn't include the Pre3 binary in the patch as of now. I will do soon and update the thread.

Originally Posted by BoRn View Post
Is it possible to change the way how to pull up the VKB? I'm used to the double tap approach in 1.4.5 and the way they did it in 2.1.0 just prevents you from using the wave launcher. Anyway I tried Arthur's patch few weeks back(after fresh frankenpre2) and it crashed for me only if I try to use it landscape and this is the only way I intend to use it - otherwise it's too small. Adding additional languages will be also helpful since this way auto correct can get out of the way. If I have time on my hands (and cable with me) I can give it a quick spin.
I am not sure if we can change it easily. I will have to give it a look or two. I guess you were talking about webOS 2.0.1, I didn't test that to be honest, but it might be that it was stable.

Landscape mode is on my agenda currently.

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