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Originally Posted by CvvB View Post
I have been able to stabilize the webOS Virtual Keyboard on 2.1.0 on both the Palm Pre 2 and Palm Pre Plus.

I have also made a shell bash file to patch the LunaSysMgr.

I have tested it and it works well on my pre.

The Shell Script has the following options:

Use one of the following [OPTIONS]:

     To patch LunaSysMgr

     To remove the patch and revert the LunaSysMgr to the original status

     To show the status of the patch

     To show this help page!
If no argument was specified, then the shell uses an automatic mode: where the script determines whether the patch is applied or not and does the opposite activity.

All you have to do to try it out, send the script to your Pre and through webOS Quick Install Linux Commandline execute the script.

Don't forget to activate the Virtual Keyboard by using the "luna.conf.patch". I got that from Arthur Thornton.

Initial Discussion

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The patch stablizes the VKB; however, when trying to change the screen orientation, Luna seems to crash. I am checking that later on.

will this work on the veer?
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