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The webOS doctor is up (and has been up since last week), courtesy of Rod Whitby (thanks again for all you do!). So, patch away at your pleasure (i.e., knowing that you have back up of webOS doctor).

And, yes, GPS on it is awesome (makes up for Bing Maps), and it works with iPad unlimited microSIM data card (needs an adapter), and its cellular radio is FAST (8Mbps down; 2.1Mbps up - via This is a true beast of a tablet.
Yeah, 3.0.2 Doctor Rocks -Thanks Rod!!!

I've pulled the Dr apart and comparing to the Pre3 Dr nuts and bolts. I have gotten "Mobile HotSpot" ported over and running on the TP now. I need to add a back button since I gave it the Enyo UI (no swipe back). So now you can tether** to all that speed using HotSpot or freetether which I have found to be somewhat finicky.

(** see you're mobile broadband provider for details).
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