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Thanks, frantid. I gave up and switched to accessing my Google domains calendar via Exchange. I thought that had fixed it, but after a couple of days, things stopped syncing. I broke down again this AM and turned off the option to use Exchange for my calendar (which would leave me with no access to Google calendar). I waited a bit after the phone said all (calendar) data would be deleted and went back to Calendar expecting an empty view. NO! Again, I have a ton of "undefined" entries. This is the second time this has happened! Now I have to delete all that crap by hand again. How the hell do they call this a business OS?!?

OK, venting done, for now. After I delete all the junk leftover from removing the calendar link, I'll follow your steps and report back.


Edit: Since the Exchange version of my Google account was only there for calendar, I went back and removed the account altogether. That seems to have removed all the "undefined" entries!! So, when the phone says it is deleting all data, it really means, removing the link to the account and leaving the junk there. Ah, now I can go to my next meeting a bit less stressed. Will report back later.

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