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For best results: Put the phone on a touchstone or usb to keep it from going to sleep and turn on airplane mode while updating the patches. You must uninstall, restart Luna, install new, restart Luna to update the patches. If it does not sync correctly, try restarting your device.

24 Nov 2015 Added version for a metadoctored Veer

14 Sept 2015 Updated to handle error in adding new google account.

11 Feb 2015 Updated to handle errors in mixed environments, i.e. using several methods to manage the calendar -- calDav, google api, android. Added logic for sync throttling by google.

phone versions.
French Pre3, UK Pre2, US Veer, German gsm Pre, 680, garmin ique 3600 & still have my working palm pilot 1000 with the 1 Mb adapter

Please remove UberCalendar and google sync behavior patches prior to system updates.
patch Google calendar sync behavior for 2.x.x and TouchPad (Oauth2 and advanced sync requirements enabled)
Preference guide for MetaView's UberCalendar patch

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