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The sync behavior patch attempts to solve issues with Google calendar sync on webOS 2.x.x and TouchPad 3.0.x

20 Apr 2013: Added the "changes only" option for sync strategies. See here for description

18 Dec 2012: Added a patch for meta-doctored 2.2.4 veer. ***metaVEER224_***.patch is specifically for a meta-doctored veer that used this script to build the doctor: Don't use it, unless you used that script. If you have no idea what a meta-doctor is, then you don't use that file.

edit: 13 Oct: added version for 3.0.5 with advanced sync behaviors

edit: 10 Oct: added test versions for 2.1 and 2.1.1 EU Veer -- google_sync_behavior21_2-8.patch
For ATT 2.1.2 Veer -- google_sync_behaviorVEER212_1-8.patch.
They have similar features to the 2.2.4 version. Only some of the code from 3.0.5 could not be applied to them.

edit: 5 Oct: updated 2.2.4 added time support for syncing. i.e. choose the hours you want to sync. google_sync_behaviorPre3_22_1-17.patch can be used in all 2.2.4 devices. The older sync, without the advanced sync requirements is google_sync_behavior_224_1-4.patch -- this file does not have all sync fixes in it.

edit: 29 Sept: updated the2.2.4 google sync behavior patch. modified the periodic sync behavior.

Edit 25 Sept 2012 Added following changes: for 2.2.4 devices only at the moment. You need the latest UC version for the advanced sync settings. The version for the Pre3, will work with all 2.2.4 devices.
  • added pieces required for the advanced sync settings.
  • modified tweaks integration
  • add changes from 3.0.5 - sync data filtering, network error handling, regex fix.
  • added filter for the bad google events mentioned above.
  • Adds ability to set metadata in Activity objects, must use the object directly.
  • Adds ability to use ports besides 443 and 80 in Ajax calls.
  • Better cookie handling in Ajax headers
  • Enable network error handling for syncs
  • Enable sync data filtering on events prior to database saving.

Edit 14 Jan Added 3.0.5 version

Also attached the json file for use in tweaks.

Currently the patch is for 2.x and above. It is a combined update of the patches for 2.1 in this thread. Also see that thread for detailed sync descriptions and history:
If you have the extended characters patch from that thread, you need to uninstall it. The old sync limit patch, does not conflict. You can remove it if you want, it is not required.

Issues addressed:
  • Limited first sync to 3 months - This patch defaults to 1 year back and 4 years forward. It is Tweaks enabled, but will work at the defaults if you don't have Tweaks installed. 2.1 is in the Preware feeds, 3.0.2 needs testers before going into Preware. To use with Tweaks, you have to install the Preware version -- and have Tweaks installed.
    optional not required for it to work at 1 year back and 4 years forward: To use the local test version with tweaks: 1. rename the attached "google-first-sync.json.txt" file to "google-first-sync.json" by deleting ".txt" from the end of the name. 2. place the "google-first-sync.json" file in the following directory:

  • Recurring event exceptions not syncing to Google - see Carrel's post for description

  • Events with accented characters do not sync - see Kratus's post description.

  • Sync does not restart after sync error - adjustments based upon the Veer's sync behavior. It will attempt a range based sync if it cannot get a changes sync to be error free.
  • Contact sync errors with accented characters - The touchpad and Pre3 do this correctly.

Directions: Install the patch prior to adding calendar accounts, then it will use the new limits. If you already have accounts in your calendar, you will have to go into the accounts app, toggle off calendar for your google accounts. Then apply patch. Then toggle the calendars on, one google account at a time. It is best done if on wifi, as this can take a long time, if you have a large history of events.
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Please remove UberCalendar and google sync behavior patches prior to system updates.
patch Google calendar sync behavior for 2.x.x and TouchPad (Tweaks enabled)
Preference guide for MetaView's UberCalendar patch

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