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I recommend most people use the CalDav synergy over this. But if you want to use native google, this new set of patches allow the use of Oauth2 for calendar and contacts. It also updates the calendar sync to use the newer v3 api. These patches are large and modify the system framework. No other patches for sync can be installed with it. You must follow the directions or you could end up needing the doctor.

The patches also add the advanced sync requirements functions. They are now configured in the accounts app and not via Tweaks or calendar preferences. You need to update UberCalendar patch to fix an issue with event alarms. This is required for alarms to display correctly.

Steps to install.

1. Turn off the calendar and contacts option for google accounts in the accounts app.

2. After turning off the calendars, go to the calendar app and force a "sync now". This helps get rid off old events. Go through the calendar and remove any left over events. On the touchpad with UberCalendar, you can open one of the undefined events and there is a button that will allow you to remove all bad events for that calendar. You can also clean up using Impostah.

3. If you will use Internalz, transfer the patches over to your device.

4. Plug in or put your device on the touchstone. This ensures the device does not go to sleep while patching. If you are using Quick Install, having it connected to the computer is enough to keep it awake.

5. Put the device in airplane mode. This ensures that no syncs are running while patching. It helps you have a good patch install.

6. Remove all old sync patches for google. Yes, even google contacts gsync-1.2.patch unknown error on login. The new patch includes the fixes from that one. You will still be able to get your email. If you have the CalDav foundations patch for the Veers or 2.1, you must remove it. Once you install the new patch, CalDav will still work. RESTART Luna when done. If you had a bad uninstall, you must fix it before going any further.

7. You did restart Luna, still in airplane mode, good results on removing the patches. If yes to all three, then install the new patch. RESTART Luna again.

8. If everything installed okay, then turn off airplane mode. If you had errors on install, you must fix it. You can turn off airplane mode, but don't turn on the calendars. If you use a language other than English, you need to install a modified template "" file for your language. The files are different for touchpads and phones. After placing the file, you will need to restart Luna again. The file goes in:

/user/palm/public/accounts/ + "language abbreviation" + /

i.e. for German "de"

9. If everything went well, we need to get the Oauth2 credentials. Go to the accounts app, choose change login for one of your google accounts. You need to get your Oauth2 token AND validate the account by signing in using username and password just like the unpatched method.

**** If you don't see the Oauth2 views, and you had a good install. Restart your device, before trying anything else. If the files were in use or a sync was taking place while patching, the updated files won't take effect until you restart the device.*****

10. Once you have gotten the token (AND SAVED IT required on the touchpad only, phones autosave) You can go back and enable the calendar for that account. If it does not sync right away or events don't show up, try a "sync now". If that doesn't work try a restart before anything else.

Notes: Tokens are good for 1 hour. Then it will be refreshed by the sync services. You can manually refresh, or revoke the token from the accounts app.

If you have read this far and you are wondering where are the patches, or need a template file for another language -- PM me.
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Please remove UberCalendar and google sync behavior patches prior to system updates.
patch Google calendar sync behavior for 2.x.x and TouchPad (Tweaks enabled)
Preference guide for MetaView's UberCalendar patch

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