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Did i brink my veer?

I can still put it in USB mode. but so far doctoring without success.

I deleted a directory under /var/palm/jail
i thought i could uninstall Mode Switcher Cleanly.

Then My device just kept rebooting all day until the battery died.
I tried to doctor it, but it says device is disconnected half way.

I will leave my veer on the charger for a longer period of time and try doctoring again.

any ideas guys?

I found the below online.

WARNING: Be very careful when working with the "/var/palm/jail" folders when running as root. It is very easy to destroy your device's filesystem. If you do a "rm -rf" on a folder in "/var/palm/jail", you can easily destroy files all over the device. The proper way to remove a jail when it is no longer needed is to use the jailer with the "-D" option. That makes sure everything is unbound correctly before removing the jail files. Usually, your device root file system is mounted as read-only, so you cannot damage "/bin" or "/usr", but you can still easily modify the "/var" tree as root which can make your phone unbootable.
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