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Hehe.. so I'm still struggling a bit with the duplicate comments in new cards.. improved things a bit in that it will only happen now when two new cards are launched close together and both are requesting content at the same time. I can fix this by easily by setting the "lightweight" flag to false, but the documentation suggests that all new apps use lightweight cards.. think it uses less memory and shares the prototype library... in short I'm going to struggle with this a little more. Update: solved but I don't fully understand why and this bugs me.

Locking of orientation will be in the next update.

Landscape images are in.

Animated gifs should also be there in the next update - at least for any links which come from /r/gifs and /r/nsfw_gif. It looks like there's no easy way to display animated gifs other than to show a basic web page and style it similar to the imageview scene. Also no easy way to determine if a .gif file is animated or not. -sigh- webOS makes some things so easy, and other things like this and trying to center the loading "turning circle" in landscape... arrrgh

Update will probably be out tomorrow.

Regarding your earlier question about stacks, I haven't seen anything that will give control over creating a new stack vs a card in the same stack.. the reason I didn't add opening multiple cards at once (pic and comments), is that one card appears in the stack and the other in a new stack - looks a little weird. But maybe thats an option for a metatap-click.


I'm keen to try this.. how does it behave? Powerscroll down takes you all the way to the bottom of page; up jumps to the top?
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