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I can't influence the installation in any way. I just upload the IPK and that's it.

Anyway, I had the same thing happening to me earlier today with an update to Navit, but that was cured after a reboot and doing it again a few hours later.

So, I guess ... try it again later? Or simply download the IPK from Sourceforge or the PreCentral page and use PreWare / InternalZ / WebOS Quick Install or whatever.
That's what I already did. Downloaded from Sourceforge on phone. Tried to install with preware. Symptoms as above. Tried to install with Internalz - it opened the install screen ghosted behind the spinner (it was displaying the package info screen with no fields filled). Screen stayed ghosted and spinner never stopped. Install button never became available. If spinner keeps spinning that means the process didn't crash, right?
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