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Track My Transit - Boston
V1.0.1 is here!!
A public transit application for webOS that supports the MBTA:
  • all MBTA bus routes are supported
  • Blue line
  • Orange line
  • Red line
Green line is not supported, MBTA does not provide prediction data for this line yet.

Accurate arrival times
Get arrival times based on the actual vehicle locations (provided by Nextbus).
Never miss a bus again!

Nearby stops
Find the closest stops to your current location.
Quickly get a list of nearby stops, the nearby stops will be plotted on a map for easy navigation.

Google Maps integration
Locations of stops and vehicles are plotted on a map, so you know exactly where to go

Select your favorite stops and save them as favorite for quickest access!

Get informed of delays as soon as possible. Track My Bus retrieves alert feeds from MBTA (T-Alerts) to show you all available alerts.

All feedback is welcome and is encouraged. You can reply to this thread, send an email using the support email in the app, or use one of the links below

Official website
Follow us on Twitter
Find us on Facebook
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