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Hi Folks,

I'm glad to announce the availability of Forums, the Tapatalk client for webOS. The app is available in the App Catalog here!

Forums will enable you to navigate all the Tapatalk enabled forums (more than 10,000 forums!!!) directly from your device, with an optimized webOS interface, and with no need of the availability of a mobile website.

With forums you currently can navigate forums, but there are a lot of things coming: thanking posts, liking posts, uploading attachments, view profile infos, and so on. In a few words: all you can do in a desktop forum will be doable with Forums

We have prepared a video form our first beta for you. Don't look at the UI! the final version has a really appealing UI. You can watch how it worked as beta in the Newness Developments' YouTube channel, or here.

Remember that Tapatalk compatible forums are growing everyday, and right now there are more than 10,000 compatible forums.

You'll be able to install the app on your webOS device from here.
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