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Please remember to uninstall AND restart luna, before upgrading a local patch! Then install it and restart luna again.

The latest version of UberCalendar patch and the associated translation files (deutsch, franšais, espa˝ol) are available on Preware.

For a detailed overview of features and a guide which explains all settings and options check out this documentation thread: Preference Guide for UberCalendar (UC) patch

If you need to clean up the calendar files to remove any changes, try to follow this Guide.

UberCalendar patch tries to bring you as much enhancements as possible to your webOS calendar app:
  1. optional number of week in all views (together with optional offset and modulo)
  2. optional subjects in week view
  3. alarm symbol in day and week view
  4. all-day events (with transparent colors) in month view
  5. much more reminder times for timed and all-day events
  6. much more reminder presets for timed and all-day events
  7. reopen in last, day, week or month view
  8. back gesture to go to month from day or week
  9. buttons and shortcuts for new event and new all-day event
  10. command menu button for Agenda homebrew app
  11. optional icons in day, week and month view
  12. preference options to toggle enhancements
  13. option to compress also free time at start and end of day in day view (example: Yfrog Image : - Uploaded by MetaView)
  14. optional shrinked day view like in/based on this patch full-day-view-calendar, you are encouraged to donate to him too
  15. different snooze times (incorporate an older version of this patch, you are encouraged to donate to him too
  16. different notification repeat settings
  17. meta-tap to delete an existing event
  18. orange-tap to copy an existing event
  19. open event directly from week view
  20. calendar picker to select dates
  21. more default durations
  22. location field is multi line
  23. List selector for choosing day 1-7 for the time of day markers in week view. (tap on "week view enhanced" in preferences to see selector -- default is the first day of the week "1")
  24. method to remember your last chosen snooze time on a per event basis
  25. Templates for events

The alarm-icon, Agenda icon and event icons have to be in the internal USB drive in path /.scrims/ubercalendar/
Usually you have to create this path. If you have problems to create a path with a dot (.) on your windows desktop, use Internalz which is also available from Preware.
Icons can be downloaded from or from the bottom of this post.


PS: If you want to support me, you could just buy a copy of UberRadio (see link in my signature) and tell others about it

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