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Ipk Packager's been updated

v1.3 - April 16, 2010
- Fixed an issue preventing palm-style scripts from running
- Improved appinfo.json detection
- Fixed source json Type field output

Originally Posted by DrewPre View Post
what do I specify in the 'add a depends' dialog??
whatever, I put in for 'Category' or 'Type', the IPK gets built with those two flags set to MISC and Application.
For depends, you add package ids of packages that yours depends on being installed.

Actually, Category is set properly in the Source's JSON I leave the Section field in the control area as Misc as category is primarily determined via Source JSON and in the style of palm-package having Section as "Misc."

And as for Type, yea, that was a bug, thanks for reporting it. Ipk Packager 1.3 fixes it.
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