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what do I specify in the 'add a depends' dialog??

I need to add a dependancy for Lighty Web Server and ez-ipupdate.

I also can't get my service to register as anything other than an application. It's not an application, its a service. And no matter what I put for 'Category', 'Type', or 'Section', it keeps showing up in Applications in PreWare.

Any help would be appreciated.


First I want to thank you, Jason. Your app saved me hours and a few gray hairs.

Thank you thank you thank you!

I still haven't figured out what to put for dependencies.... but I have resolved all the other issues.

the ipk pkgr works wonderfully, but there is a flaw that I have been able to reproduce consistently.

Namely whatever, I put in for 'Category' or 'Type', the IPK gets built with those two flags set to MISC and Application.

I used a script I was provided with the unbuild the ipk that ipk pkgr built and inspected the CONTROL file and this was the case. I was able to reproduce it several times. So I ended up just editing the control file and using the script to rebuild the ipk after ipk pkgr designed the CONTROL file I new exactly what to put and where so it would be correctly categorized in PreWare and webOS QI!

Just thought you should know. Awesome app! Luv your work Bro!

Palm Pre Backup Utility...done!
Locate Pre....done!

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