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Another update

v1.2 - April 3, 2010
- Now supports Palm's special pmPostInstall and pmPreRemove scripts
- Fixed several minor "Author" field issues
- Improved text field handling overall
- Increased the screenshot url list to now be 3 lines height
- Improved Control parsing

The big thing with supporting pmPostInstall and pmPreRemove scripts is that the built-in ApplicationInstallUtility on the webOS (that installs apps via palm in-install with the SDK, as well as from the App Catalog) runs theses scripts if they're found.

Yes, that is a security risk, and that's the main reason Palm doesn't include (nor allow) 3rd party apps with such scripts.

The main advantage is that you can remove these apps via orange+tap on the launcher icon, like other apps, and the advanced homebrew will uninstall with the script.

This technique is currently only used by Preware Alpha, but now with the ease-of-use Ipk Packager, now virtually any advanced homebrew developer to use the special palm postinst/prerm scripts
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