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Originally Posted by DrewPre View Post
I have a java service that I have created a ipk for.....however, the script files reside in the Jar file with the class file.

The service fails though....saying it can't find the sript file specified.

If the path within the Jar file is as stated below how should I code the JAVA file so that it references the right path in order to see the script file.

Jar File:
my java source references "ppbku" as the executable script file currently.

Should it be the full path as specified??? edit: I am lost cuz that didn't work either.
hmm, this seems completely off topic. Is there an Ipk Packager connection I'm missing? Might be best to create a separate thread if it's unrelated

For my services, whenever I need to extract a script file to execute, I just use something like super.getClass().getResourceAsStream("resources/") and write the stream out to a new file in /tmp/.
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