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Ipk Packager v1.5

This is a simply utility to quickly build ipk files. It's cross-platform, so virtually anyone can use it.

Supports the full range of webOS ipk features, including postinst/prerm scripts and the source JSON details.

Uses my custom jpkg-webos library: jpkg-webos - Project Hosting on Google Code

Follows the WebOS-Internals packaging standard: Packaging Standards - WebOS Internals

In addition, if the folder you select is a webOS app folder (as most would be), several of the text field will auto-load from the appinfo.json file. Saves time that way

Download Here

This is an MIT opensource release: ipk-packager - Project Hosting on Google Code

I made this app for 2 reasons: (1) I wanted to test out jpkg-webos java library and (2) for homebrew developers. Testing was successful, so here's it's first public release.

Up until now, the only way to create advanced homebrew ipk packages (with postinst/prerm scripts) was via Linux commandline scripts. Now, anyone can, and little knowledge is needed.

Hopefully this can help others, in the same way Unified Diff Creator has helped others

Change Log
v1.5 - January 3, 2011
- Re-added Source field for json
- Added MinWebOSVersion and MaxWebOSVersion json fields
- Added custom support for pmPostInstall and pmPreRemove scripts

v1.32 - December 27, 2010
- Replaced Source field with a Location field to to immediate priority; Source, and the other new parameters will be included in a future release

v1.3 - April 16, 2010
- Fixed an issue preventing palm-style scripts from running
- Improved appinfo.json detection
- Fixed source json Type field output

v1.2 - April 3, 2010
- Now supports Palm's special pmPostInstall and pmPreRemove scripts
- Fixed several minor "Author" field issues
- Improved text field handling overall
- Increased the screenshot url list to now be 3 lines height
- Improved Control parsing

v1.1 - March 29, 2010
- Automatic Windows-to-Linux endline conversion for postinst/prerm scripts
- Can auto-detect postinst, and prerm files
- Can auto-detect and parse control files
- Fixed issue with package type and architecture not appearing correctly in outputted ipk
- Fixed issue with description text box always setting caret to end

v1.0 - March 19, 2010
- Initial release
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