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Seems like somehow we have a version up for testing.

At this point in time, if you're not sure how to install services and applications properly from .ipks, you're probably not ready to be testing this. Please patiently wait for the beta, or come to #webos-internals on for installation help.

All feedback welcome.

Software is currently very limited in features.

I want to sincerely thank many for their help on this, including Precentral's Jason, pre101's Roy, and of course webos-internals Rod Wouldn't be possible without the community.

IMPORTANT: for people who just generally don't like reading things, please note the bug listed very clearly in the wiki before asking questions about it. please do not post direct links to the application or service, as alpha version numbers will change quickly and be outdated, and please note that the 'preferences' are very under-tested, and it's quite possible that a certain combination of them might bork something. You've been warned.

Install Instructions:
Please follow the wiki for proper install instructions.
Application:Precorder - WebOS Internals


Video player launch button now changes to "Play Last Recorded" after recording a video
Killswitch on card close should avoid most crashing issues
Minor bug fixes


LED brightness now selectable
Launch button added to launch video player
Videos now are saved in /media/internal/video

- minor update
fixed css bug (correctly pushing the record button to the bottom of the screen)
added icon for launcher

Donate button now availble here --> --- All donations will be used in kind towards those involved in the project, and for future development.

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