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Originally Posted by wturnerharris View Post
Mainly aesthetic for the other scientific calculators available. I wouldn't mind putting my photoshop skills to use for better coders. I also don't like RPN calculators (I think yours) but I love your UI and haptic response. Awesome. I just don't know how to use an RPN calculator and it seems very complex. Tiny numbers.

And icons are a biggie for me. Yours (and this is constructive) appears like a cutoff picture as opposed to an icon specifically for the phone. My background is mainly front-end design, hence the pickiness there.
Hmmmm. Sorry but this app is in no way better looking than the one by TheMarco. His is very professional looking. I think this one is so so... look wise I am talking here.... I hope this improves. I love his keys and display etc... Round buttons=yuk... this also needs a nice number display.

I also am not used to RPN and would love one that uses standard fixed notation. Truth is I really do not use the advanced features as much as I did years ago. I do once in awhile, mostly binary or hex stuff... I just want a very cool, complex looking calculator even if I am just adding something. It is all geek factor for me!!! ii
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